Running With Rifles Wiki
  • Going prone (default C) will help conceal you from enemies, providing a increase to accuracy and increasing concealment while reducing the chances of being hit.
  • Take full advantage of cover.
  • Suppression fire can overwhelm hostile targets.
  • Going prone or crouching affects detection range and hostile reaction time.
  • Being in the prone position has a higher concealment rating that crouch but with less mobility.
  • Distance between your soldier and hostile also affects reaction time of AI enemy.
  • Shooting a non-silenced weapon causes you to be immediately detected if you are in detection range of enemy.
  • All AI hostiles have a interval between attacks, if you are not in cover but behind wall, use their interval to get a timing to attack.
  • Behind most cover, your head is still vulnerable. In trenches, you are usually completely hidden by walls.
  • The perfect position is on a hill (or building), with cover surrounding you, except for a narrow twenty degree arc of fire.
  • Flank the enemy, try to move to positions which are perpendicular to the enemy's current cover.
  • Use the high ground, height gives you much greater range and visibility. Sometimes you can shoot over lower cover. With a grenade launcher and a four story building, you can rule the entire visible area with low vulnerability.
  • Have a planned fallback position, if you are getting overwhelmed, retreat!
  • Change the Graycollars faction color to different one so you can easily recognize their infantries location on the map screen. Go to RunningWithRifles\media\packages\vanilla\factions\grey.xml and RunningWithRifles\media\packages\vanilla.winter\factions\grey.xml. Then change color="0.7 0.7 0.7" to color="0.3 0.3 0.3". it's from nearly white to dark gray.