Running With Rifles Wiki

Ranks and experience[ | ]


Similar to most RPG, you gain experience while killing enemies. The higher the rank of the enemy, the more XP you gain.

Performing kill combos will also give you an XP boost. Stabbing an enemy gives the most XP, as the XP multiplier is around 250%.

To view your XP/rank, hover over your character. The number at the bottom shows your experience points (XP) and it starts from 0 at the beginning. On the right side is shown your current rank. You gain XP by killing enemies (the XP gain pops up over an enemies dead body). You also lose some XP by getting killed/committing suicide or team killing. You can also check your rank by keeping the F key (by default) pressed and right beyond your soldier your XP and RP is shown.

Your rank will dictate a few things:

  • Capacity of equipment such as grenades, cover elements, medikits, etc.
  • Ability to use certain weapons/equipment that are rank-restricted.
  • Ability to use radio calls
  • Number of maximum squadmates possible (one per 1000 XP, up to a maximum of 10).
  • Ability to take command of vehicles from other squads. When your rank is greater than the rank of a soldier driving a vehicle, you can force the soldier to disembark by getting in the driver's side.

The XP requirements for each rank can be referred in the table below:

XP Rank Radio calls Weapons Equipment Throwables
0 Hud rank0
Assault rifles
Riot shield 2 hand/stun grenades
500 Hud rank1
Private 1st Class
Rocket launchers
Silent pistols
Hud hesco barrier
Deployable cover
2 impact grenades
1000 Hud rank2
Hud mortar1
Mortar strike (1x8)
Hud hesco barrier
Sandbag drop
Desert Eagle pistol
Vest Type II 1 C4
1500 Sniper rifles
Advanced assault rifles (with unlock)
Silent SMGs
L85a2 (with unlock)
Pepperdust shotgun (rare)
1 Claymore mine
2000 Hud rank3
Hud paratroopers1
4 paratroops
Second rocket launcher
Deployable machine-gun
Deployable minigun
Deployable mortar

Deployable Hornet

3 hand/stun/impact grenades
2 C4 bombs
3000 Hud rank4
Staff Sergeant
Hud f22 raptor
Cluster bombing
Hud rubber boat
Boat drop
Hud buggydrop
Buggy drop
AA-12 shotgun (rare)
XM-8 assault rifle (rare)
F2000 rifle (rare)
P90 submachinegun (rare)
3 C4 bombs
2 Claymore mines
4000 Hud rank5
Staff Sergeant 1st Class
Hud artillery1
Artillery strike (2x16)
Hud paratroopers2
8 Paratroops
Hud humveedrop
Humvee airdrop
Benelli M4 shotgun (rare)
VSS Vintorez sniper rifle (rare)
Neostead 2000 shotgun (rare)
XM-25 Launcher (rare)
Barrett M-107 sniper rifle (rare)
4 hand/stun/impact grenades
1 paratroop flare
1 checkpoint flare
5000 Hud tank
Tank airdrop
Hud vfsdrop
VFS airdrop
(exclusive to Veterans Pack owners, see Radio calls)
Deployable TOW missile nest
6000 Hud rank6
2nd Lieutenant
Hud a10 warthog
A-10 gun run
2 paratroop flares
3 Claymore mines
2 checkpoint flares
7000 Hud artillery2
Artillery strike (5x16)
8000 Hud rank7
10,000 Hud rank8
Hud ac130
Gunship run
2nd deployable TOW missile nest
12,000 Hud rank10
14,000 Hud rank9
Lieutenant Colonel
20,000 Hud rank11
50,000 Hud rank12
Brigadier General
100,000 Hud rank13
Major General
200,000 Hud rank14
Lieutenant General
500,000 Hud rank15
1,000,000 Hud rank16
General of the Army
Player model has a better outfit.
2,000,000 Hud rank16 2
General of the Army (II)
Player model has a sweet outfit.
3,000,000 Hud rank16 3
General of the Army (III)
4,000,000 Hud rank16 4
General of the Army (IV)
Player model has a nicer outfit.
5,000,000 Hud rank16 5
General of the Army (V)
Player model has an even sweeter outfit.
6,000,000 Hud rank18
Field Marshal
Player model has a fancy outfit.
8,000,000 Hud rank19
Vice President
Player model has a decently fancier outfit.
10,000,000 Hud rank17
President (bald)
Player model has the fanciest outfit.

Scoring[ | ]

Score is a statistic for online play. It is a simple Kills – Deaths calculation and gives you a general idea of performance. If a server has Persistent Statistics, then your score along with the other stats shown by pressing the F1-key (default) will be saved over multiple matches and logins. None of these statistics have any influence on gameplay.