Running With Rifles Wiki

Radio calls are powerful game elements that can turn the tide of a battle. They have to be used wisely as they can require a significant amount of resource points and can also provide a lot of collateral damage if not timed properly.
Press and hold the radio calls button (H by default) to bring up your radio calls menu. Select a call by clicking on it or by pressing the number right next to the call symbol. Whatever you selected will then be dropped approximately where you had your crosshairs when you pressed the radio calls button.
Keep in mind that every radio call has a delay thus doesn't happen instantly.

Some maps has an anti-air emplacement that prevents the player from calling in paratroopers, airdrops or close air support, allowing only mortar strikes and artillery. The structure has map-wide range and needs to be destroyed in order to unlock the rest of the radio calls. The emplacement will then remain in its destroyed state indefinitely.

Enemy bases may also have a radio jammer that prevents the player and friendly AIs from using the radio. Unlike the anti-air, the jammer only affects the base itself, but is much more devastating since it completely strips the player off their radio ability.

You have to be at least Corporal (1000 XP) to get a radio device (will be added automatically to your HUD).

Radio device 0
Radio device not available

(too low rank)

Radio device 1
Radio device available

(at least Corporal rank)

Veterans Pack DLC[ | ]

Players with the Veterans Pack DLC will have exclusive access to the light anti-armor VFS Call, though any players can enter the VFS afterwards, regardless of whether they own the DLC.

DLC owners can also toggle on/off a Skin Pack option for their vehicles (applies to Humvee, Buggy, Main Battle Tank), applying a unique map-dependent camo pattern/decals to vehicles that prevents non-DLC owners from entering them.

List of calls[ | ]

Image Name Description Required XP Price (RP) Delay (in s)
Hud mortar1 Mortar strike (1x8) Fires one salvo of eight rounds. 1000 100 8
Hud f22 raptor Cluster bombing Drops 2 cluster bomb containers that unload dozens of smaller bomblets. 3000 200 8
Hud paratroopers1 4 paratroopers Drops four paratroopers, one will always have a medkit. 2000 120 11
Hud paratroopers2 8 paratroopers Drops eight paratroopers, two will always have a medkit. 4000 200 11
Hud paratroopers medic 4 elite paratroopers Drops 4 elite paratroopers. Three are armed with the faction's Assault SMG, while the final is a medic armed with a taser and trauma kit. All are equipped with vests. 4000 300 11
Hud artillery1 Artillery strike (2x16) Fires two salvos of 16 rounds each. 4000 300 8
Hud artillery2 Artillery strike (5x16) Fires five salvos of 16 rounds each. 7000 700 8
Hud hesco barrier Sandbags drop Drops 2 sandbags. 1000 40 2
Hud rubber boat Rubber boat drop Drops a rubber boat. 3000 70 15
Hud humveedrop Spawn humvee Drops a combat Humvee equipped with an automatic grenade launcher. 4000 400 17
Hud buggydrop Spawn Buggy Drops a fast Buggy combat vehicle equipped with an MG. 3000 300 17
Hud supply quad Spawn Supply Quad Drops a Supply Quad with a limited armory. 5000 350 18
Hud tank Spawn tank Drops a faction-specific Main Battle Tank. 5000 1000 18
Hud vfsdrop Spawn VFS
(exclusive to Veterans DLC owners)
Drops a lightly armored assault vehicle equipped with an MG and anti-tank TOW. 5000 450 17
Hud a10 warthog A-10 gun run Calls in an A10 Warthog air strike. 6000 220 8
Hud ac130 Gunship run Calls in an AC130 Gunship that constantly bombards enemies within a 30m radius, does not target friendly units. (Only available in Campaign and Online Invasion). 10000 1000 18