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Official Invasion server rules [EN][]

Rule Description
Rule #1 No abusive language or behavior towards other players and/or moderators
Rule #2 No offensive, or potentially offensive usernames. Such accounts may be deleted without warning
Rule #3 No intentional teamkilling of any kind (classical TK, revenge TK or bleeding-out TK to prevent the loss of said players equipment on death)
Rule #4 No abusive spamming in chat
Rule #5 No racism of any kind
Rule #6 No profanity, verbal harrasment or offensive language directed at another player. In the event of an argument both players will be punished
equally if it devolves into offensive remarks and name calling on both sides
Rule #7 A player dropping his equipment after being killed makes it belong to the first person who picks it up. It is officially NOT his stuff anymore.
Rule #8 Farming is tolerated, however it's against the rules to try to keep other players from going after the objectives. (blocking paths, placing C4, etc)
Rule #9 Suiciding important assets on purpose, such as repeatedly driving spawn and armory trucks into front lines or teamkilling radio towers, or other important emplacements.
Rule #10 Locking down a player by stunning him constantly is also against the rules.
Rule #11 Discovering and exploiting bugs (e.g. item duplication) is strictly prohibited and must be reported to the developers. If not complied with, account ban/deletion may follow.
Blocking ladders/doorways/stairs/etc with vehicles is also an exploit.
Rule #12 Creating an excessive amount of accounts. It's alright having a few accounts but 4 shouldn't be exceeded. Creating an excessive amount of accounts might result in a ban.
Rule #13 Excessive usage/spamming of radio calls in order to intentionally create backlogs/grief may result in a kick or ban.

Each of those points can lead to a warning, a temp ban, or a lifetime ban depending on the gravity of the act. A lifetime ban can happen without any warning.