Running With Rifles Wiki

Objectives[ | ]

For most maps, the ultimate objective of RWR is to capture the entire map. This is done by capturing the sectors shown in the map. The sectors shaded by your faction's color belong to you already.

On King of the Hill type maps (Power Junction and Vigil Island), the objective is to capture the central base (which is a neutral zone at the beginning of the match) and hold it non-stop for the required amount of time. If the enemy faction take the "hill" back, the countdown timer will be reset.

Capturing Sectors[ | ]

Capturing sectors is achieved by having more than 66% of the total troop count in the capture zone as denoted by a dashed square on the map for each sector (see image "capture zone example" below). As a sector is being captured, a timer will count down from 10 to 0 with an audible beeping sound. However, the last sector of the map will take 30 seconds to capture rather than the standard 10. If the countdown timer is interrupted (you suddenly have less than 66% of the total troop count), the timer will stop and restart next time you get more than 66% again.

The 66% mark are denoted by a vertical stroke (see image "capture force example"). If the black square is outside those vertical stroke, then it means that there are more than 66% of the forces of a faction inside the capture zone. In the specific example below, we have around 80% of the troups being the Graycollars, so that the timer is ticking down (6 seconds left to go before the base is captured by the attacking faction)

  • Capture zone example

Capture zone

Since version 0.99.5 you can see the red target crosshair marker on top of your capture force bar when you are inside an enemy capture zone. On the other hand, you'll have a blue shield marker when you are inside an allied capture zone. This makes it easier for you to know if you are inside that zone than having to look at the map.

  • Capture force example

Capture forces

  • Capture base reward

Capturing a base gives an RP reward to every soldier inside that zone depending on how much time the base was under enemy control. If the base was under enemy control for 1 minute or less, 0 RP is rewarded. If the base was under enemy control for 10 minutes or more, 150 RP is rewarded. If the base was under enemy control for between 1 and 10 minutes, the RP reward is scaled linearly between 0 and 150, For example, you'll receive 60 RP for capturing a base that was under enemy control for 4 minutes, 120 for 8 minutes, etc.

Side Missions[ | ]

Capturing bases can be tough. There are a few, optional missions you can attempt on the side to help even the odds...


Be the eyes of your faction, perched up on rooftops or hidden deep in enemy territory. Spot vehicles and structures that will appear on the map for your whole team. Also gives a certain amount of RP.


These targets of opportunity provide strategic abilities to the owning faction, and gives a certain XP and RP awards when destroyed:


Targets that will grant a one-time influx of 20 prisoners of your faction as a extra units upon their destruction:


  • stealing and delivering cargo trucks unlocks an extra weapons or equipment
  • sell these items to an armory to improve your faction's arsenal:
  • enemy's stock weapons
    • to unlock an enemy stock weapon for your own faction, bring five pieces of a particular model to an armory

The unlocked weapons ends of stock after 4 hours. To re-unlock them you must repeat the same procedure.

Game Modes[ | ]

There are 8 game modes ingame right now: Quick Match, Invasion, Classic, Dominance, Minimodes, Teddy Hunt, Team elimination and Deathmatch.

  • Quick Match is the "sandbox" standard game mode where all stock weapons are unlocked and players are free to join whichever faction they like. The rank which you start with can be set freely. In this mode you can capture any base you want as there are no restriction rules. This mode in online can only be hosted as a client server.
  • Classic is similar to Quick Match but has a few more defined rules like round timers and a map rotation. On most server it is also set that you can only capture 1 base (server admin can customize that) to avoid backdooring and base capture rotation. This mode in online can only be hosted as a dedicated server.
  • Invasion is a coop campaign type game mode where everyone joins the same faction: Brownpants (as of 1.5). In the join server menu, you will be defaulted to Graycollars no matter what. Along with this game mode being coop, there are a couple major differences from the standard quick match, such as specific side missions. Another difference is that the XP progression is around 73% slower and your progression throughout the campaign is persistent (XP/RP/stash content). There is also an official invasion server realm consisting in a few servers which share the profile with each other so that you can play on one of them and switch to another one and continue with the same progression. Invasion can either be hosted as a client server (start campaign and activating your game online for others to join) or as dedicated server.
  • The Dominance mode is a modified version of Classic focusing more on persistency and slower progression, similar to Invasion in that regard. This mode in online can only be hosted as a dedicated server.

Main features:

1) Persistent profiles: when you leave the match, you'll still have the equipment/XP/RP/stats you had when you join again
2) FoV is enabled on default which means you won't see the enemies/items/vehicles when your soldier doesn't have a direct visual line of sight to them 3) Overall/Match stats (on the scoreboard (default F1), you can switch between them by pressing the top banner)
4) No death penalty (No XP lost)
5) Lower equipment requirement for most items
6) Max amount of AI soldiers under your control is 4 (instead of 10 in other modes)
7) No elites, no valuables drops and no rare weapons
8) Killing a bot gives you 2XP+1RP, killing a human 20XP+20RP, capturing a base up to 50RP. Spotting and destroying of vehicles give less reward than in invasion
9) Max time a map lasts is 30 minutes. If noone won after the time ran out, the faction with the most bases will be victorious
10) extended single base capture system where sometimes you have more than one base that can be captured at time, the main objective which is the bigger red marker and optional smaller red markers. The AI commander will only target the main objective but players are free to choose which base to capture
11) Some maps have bases left out to keep the fighting territory smaller

  • In Minimodes, a map consists in having different sub-stage modes, such as Team Deathmatch, Team Teddy Hunt, King of the Hill, Delivery (not yet), Target (not yet). The sub-stages are usually 2-3 bases, keeping the playfield tight. Leaving the battle zone is not possible as there is a death-zone around the sub-stages. In minimodes the match starts only when a set number of humans join, default being 2. There are also a few bots but those will vanish once there are enough people in. This mode in online can only be hosted as a dedicated server.
  • Teddy Hunt is a variance of Capture the flag. You have special crates somewhere on the map (the commander will indicate you roughly where it is) that need to be destroyed and a teddy bear will be dropped. These will need to be sold at an armory (or mobile armory) to make your team score. The enemy team(s) need to do the same and also prevent you in doing so. The special crates are defended by the Teddy Guardians, an AI faction.

The winner of the round is the faction who delivered the most teddies. This mode in online can only be hosted as a dedicated server.

  • In Team elimination, your goal is to either annihilate the entire enemy team or to destroy the enemy Comms truck. In this case, your team will score and a new round will start. There are NO bots in this mode, it's pure PVP and FoV is enabled on default (you only see enemies/vehicles when you have direct vision to them, e.g. you won't see an enemy if there is a building between you and him). When you die in this mode you won't be able to respawn until the round has ended. You will have an extended view to be able to see what your team mates are doing. There is only one map so far which has been specifically designed for this game mode. This game mode can only be hosted throughout a dedicated server. The server starts in a warmup phase and the real match starts after you type "/start" in the chat.
  • In Deathmatch, the goal is self explanatory. You score for each kill you achieve. You can change your appearance by changing your "costume" at an armory. If you respawn, the server will choose a spawnpoint where there is no enemy around. There are NO bots in this mode, it's pure PVP. This mode in online can only be hosted as a dedicated server.
  • Man vs World is a purely single player campaign in which the player is the sole soldier. The player has to capture all of the bases in the map in order to progress to the next map. Permadeath is enabled for both the player and AI. However, the player is able to sustain 10 shots before dying. There is also a veteran mode in which fov(field of view) is enabled.