Running with rifles currently features five maps. Each map has a distinct theme and layout to one another.

Moorland TrenchesEdit

Map1 - Stalemate


This map was the original map released with the game. It features a network of trenches and military bases around the center, with several towns and buildings around the edges of the map.

Number of bases: 14

Vehicles: Tank, armored truck, jeep

Keepsake BayEdit

Map2 - Aeolian coast

Aeolian Coast

This map is an entirely urban map, taking place on a costal city with water to the south. This map offers buildings with unique vantage points that offer snipers an excellent area to attack from.

Number of bases: 7

Vehicles: APC, armored truck, jeep, tank, boat

Old Fort CreekEdit

Map3 - Vaalekoski


A cross between the first two maps, this features an open map with several towns and structures in the middle.

Number of bases: 8

Vehicles: APC, armored truck, jeep

Fridge ValleyEdit

Map4 - Frostbite


A linear map with walled-in bases on each side and trenches in the middle.

Number of bases: 6

Vehicles: APC, armored truck, jeep, tank

Bootleg IslandsEdit

Map5 - Sainte Anne

Sainte Anne

An island map separated in one urban part in the west side and a more open desert-like landscape with a fort in the east. The sides are joined by a bridge in the middle and a port to the south.

Number of bases:

Armored truck, jeep, boat