Running With Rifles Wiki

UI[ | ]

The UI in RWR is kept relatively simple, so that the player's screen isn't occluded with UI elements.


Ui 1 Primary weapon slot
Ui 2 Secondary weapon/Support item slot
Ui 3 Throwable item slot
Ui 4 Wearable item slot
Ui 5 Radio device - grayed out until you reach Corporal rank. The green dots below show which calls are available
Ui 6 Name of the base you are actually in
Ui 7 Capturing sector force bar (see Capturing Sectors)
Ui 8 Squad icon - the first number shows the number of soldiers in your squad and the second the number of max soldiers your squad could have
Ui 9 if a red cross is visible, it means there is at least one soldier with a Medkit as a secondary item

Inventory[ | ]

When you access the inventory, you will see a tree-like window centered on your soldier. It mainly consists of 3 containers, which have been highlighted in 3 different colors to make it easier to visualize.
To interact within the containers you can either drag & drop items from a container to another or press the mouse buttons.
LMB and the item will be equipped, no matter if it is in the world container or backpack.
RMB on an object which is in your equipment into the backpack, RMB on an object which is in your backpack will move it into the world container (e.g. on the ground, stash or armory in case you are interacting with those).
Holding Ctrl allows you to move a single item in/out of a stack.


Hold Manual keyF (by default) to call the inventory
Ui 1 "World container": it shows the items lying around your soldier OR in the armory/stash if the solider stands next to them
Ui 2 Equipment: here are the directly useable items shown
Ui 3 Backpack: here are the items that are in your backpack shown
Ui 4 this row shows the primary weapons in each of the 3 containers
Ui 5 this row shows the secondary weapons/items in each of the 3 containers
Ui 6 this row shows the throwables (i.e. grenades) in each of the 3 containers
Ui 7 this row shows the wearables in each of the 3 containers
Ui 8 this row shows the valuables in the containers "world" or "backpack". Valuables Can not be stored in the equipment
Ui 9 shows your actual experience and resource points
Ui 10

shows the percentage of encumbrancy.
If it exceeds 100%, you will see a backpack attached to the soldier's back. The soldier's accuracy will be highly reduced as well as the movement speed. Accuracy decrease concerns only hitscan weapons, the projectile weapons are not affected.

See Backpack

Backpack soldier
encumbrancy >100%

Armory[ | ]

Armory is a facility where the players can buy or/and sell weapons, valuables, vests, equipment, etc. In the game its function is most similar to a shop.

The currency used at the armory is RP or Resource points. In the armories, the player can sell any kind of items, but can ONLY buy those weapons that belong to his own faction as well as those enemy weapons that are already unlocked for the same faction.
There is usually one armory every two bases.

Stash[ | ]

Stash is a storage place for all kinds of items, vests and weapons like duplicates of rare weapons, weapons which can not be used currently due to their higher XP requirement, various support equipment like medkits, explosives like C4, etc. and all other stuff that can be picked up at some later stage, if and when needed.

It's wise to place some extra equipment into the stash for a later use, in the event that you are not close to an armory but near to a stash. Items that you have stored to the Stash are saved and can be accessed through every stash within a map and are also available between rounds in a Singleplayer campaign or Online invasion.

A stash can contain a maximum of 300 items in total (increased to 500 items if the player owns the Veteran Pack) but only 120 different types of items are shown. The content of the stash is server specific and not carried over between servers unless you play on an official invasion server, which share the profiles (and saved items) between each other.

Some Stashes are near armories while some other are located near the bases where there are no armories.