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More explanations on the Running With Rifles official forum topic: RWR Voxel Editor 0.14

This is a copy-pasted text from the first post by pasik:

Here's some hints for the usage:

  • Launching
   rwr_editor.exe [model XML file] [animation XML file]
   * When launching the editor, an OGRE dialog pops up:
select the Rendering subsystem, there's only one choice.
I'd also recommend using the tool in non-fullscreen mode. Click OK to run the editor.
   * If the editor is launched without command line parameters, the editing happens on a model file "new.xml".
If such file doesn't exist, it will be created when the model is saved.

  • Keys and other tips:
   * General:
       WASD: move around
       Left shift + ASDW: move around faster
       Left shift + Mouse: turn camera
       Ctrl-S: save both model and animation files
       1: Model view
       2: Animation view, can be used only if the editor has been launched with a model with a skeleton
       O: experimental magic tool that can be used to remove voxels that can't be seen from anywhere
-- takes a long time to process, better save before doing this, not 100% foolproof, may also end up removing wrong voxels
       ALT-F4: quit-:)
   * Model view:
       * Edit voxels -tool:
           Left mouse button: add voxel
           Right mouse button: remove voxel
       * Select voxels -tool:
           Left mouse button drag:
               1# define a rectangle selector for voxels
               2# drag voxels around using the axis handles
       * To paint voxels, click on the current color indicator panel
       * When working with a model with a skeleton, and making modifications to the model,
        click "Re-bind skeleton" to attach the new voxels to the skeleton
   * Animation view:
       Left and right arrows: previous / next keyframe
       Up and down arrows: previous / next animation
       * Select & move -tool:
           Left mouse button drag:
               1# define a rectangle selector for bone points which will be made movable
               2# drag single bone point around and the other movable points will follow
       * To add a keyframe, click on the timeline, and displace a bone point
       * Currently, there's no playback button: simulate playback by dragging the timeline slider