Running With Rifles Wiki

RWR supports the following command line switches/arguments:

  • debugmode
  • no_simulation (useful for mapping projects where you load RWR straight to the development map)
  • no_ai (useful for mapping projects)
  • metagame_debugmode
  • verbose (outputs more verbose information to the log)
  • opengl
  • flip
  • big_water (extends the water plane draw distance, useful for mapping and showcase screenshots)
  • e.g. map=media/packages/vanilla/maps/map3 (load/use the map at the specified path)
  • e.g. server_port=1238 (join the server at the specified address, URL or IP, and port)
  • e.g. package=media/packages/invasion (load/use the package at the specified path)

To run with command line switches:
a) right click on your RWR shortcut in Start Menu, Properties, add the switches at the end of Target field, so it says something like e.g. "D:\Games\Running with rifles\rwr_game.exe" no_simulation debugmode
b) go to command prompt (type cmd in Start Menu), browse to your RWR installation directory (e.g. cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\Running with rifles"), type e.g. rwr_game.exe no_simulation debugmode
c) in Steam: