Running With Rifles Wiki

There are 2 different ways to play Co-op in RUNNING WITH RIFLES.

  • Online campaign

The host starts a campaign and activates the server for others to join. He has the option to make is either private (the joining clients will need the IP and port of the host) or public (the host can chose to make the server public in the hosting options. Everyone will be able to join).

Can only be played through dedicated servers. Official servers are located in US, EU, ASIA and AU. All those servers share the same profiles so that you can start playing on either server, your progression will be saved across the server realm. There are also community servers which have their own settings and the profiles are stored locally.

Current order of maps in invasion is:

  1. Rattlesnake Crescent (map6)
  2. Keepsake Bay (map2)
  3. Black Gold Estuary (map9)
  4. Tropical Blizzard (map8_2)
  5. Power Junction (map7)
  6. Moorland Apocalypse (map1_2)
  7. Misty Heights (map14)
  8. Railroad Gap (map10)
  9. Gotcha Island (map17)
  10. Dry Enclave (map13_2)
  11. Old Fort Creek (map3)
  12. Green Coast (map16)
  13. Copehill Down (map11)
  14. Vigil Island (map8)
  15. Rattlesnake Crescent, Reverse (map6_2)
  16. Fridge Valley (map4)
  17. Swan River (map19)
  18. Moorland Trenches (map1)
  19. Bootleg Island (map5)
  20. Frozen Canyon (map12)
  21. Warsalt Legacy (map18)
  22. Iron Enclave (map13)